Call for N. 2 Graphics Layout Editors


The Graphic layout and Graphics team is in charge of the graphic features of the review, in accordance with the needs of the Communication and Recruitment team. It updates the Syllabus and the Style guide, providing authors with information on the requirements of their last draft and on the final result of our editorial process.
The ideal candidate knows markup language LaTeX, XML and/or HTML.
The ideal candidate is also able to work with Google Suite applications and is eventually able to write one and is also striving for an autonomous position.
We will evaluate also candidates that do not possess the aforementioned skills but are willing to learn them.

We recruit for this position on a rolling basis.

* Please note that for this position only we also encourage students from other departments to apply due to the skills required.

University of Bologna Law Review is an opportunity to boost your CV and to add a professional experience with an highly qualified international journal: we are indexed in over 200 libraries and we are currently included in the scientific journals' list (Area 12 / Legal Studies) by the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes (ANVUR).

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