Ranking list of eligible Associate Editors

This is the ranking list of the first call for Associate Editors of the University of Bologna Law Review. Only the candidates who have obtained a score of 7.5/10 or more are listed. Candidates in bold characters will join the Editorial Team for a three-month term. The remaining candidates will be merged into the ranking list of the next call for Associate Editors, and thus may be invited to join the team in the following months.  
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Call for new Visiting Editors


We have recently established the Visiting Editor Program in order to allow foreign law students into our Editorial Team for a three-month term, which can be renewed for three further months. We believe that they would strongly benefit from an experience in an European student-run law journal, with an Advisory Board composed of professionals and scholars from all over the world, and a rigorous double-blind peer review process. 



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Call for new Associate Editors

The University of Bologna Law Review is currently looking for new Associate Editors.  
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