A Primer on the "Bell Case Synthesis Method" and a Lesson on Adult Child's Play


  • Angela Allen-Bell Southern University Law Cente




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The ability to successfully discern and communicate the relevant aspects of a judicial  opinion  is  a  fundamental  skill  that  legal  professionals  must  have.  Despite  its importance,  many  in  the  legal  arena  lack  the  ability  to  effectively  demonstrate  this skill.  Needless to say, law students suffer from this same shortcoming.  After years of reading inadequate briefs submitted by lawyers and reviewing deficient submissions by law  students,  I  developed  an  original  case  synthesis  method.  This  method,  titled  the “Bell Case Synthesis Method,” teaches one how to select supporting cases and how to adequately explain the relevant aspects of selected cases. This original method has been tested for years and has proven to be quite valuable for memo and brief writing, as well as for the higher level thinking that is needed for success in law school and the practice of  law.  This  article  will  benefit  a  broad  audience,  including  lawyers,  law  students, paralegals,  law  clerks,  inmate  counsel  and  legal  educators.  In  addition,  it  is  timely, given the recent emphasis on producing practice-ready law school graduates.




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Allen-Bell, A. (2017). A Primer on the "Bell Case Synthesis Method" and a Lesson on Adult Child’s Play. University of Bologna Law Review, 2(1), 68–86. https://doi.org/10.6092/issn.2531-6133/7234



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