For an Effective Training of Magistrates


  • João Batista Lazzari Complexo de Ensino Superior de Santa Catarina



Magistrates, Formation, Principles, Guidelines, Skills


This article assumes that proper training of magistrates is essential for society to have a democratic, independent judiciary and to provide a fair process, as judges ultimately pronounce on life, freedoms, rights, duties and assets of citizens. From this perspective, the present study aims to identify the pedagogical principles and guidelines to be observed for effective training of magistrates. In order to obtain a satisfactory answer to the presented problem the inductive method was used, concluding that the training of magistrates must be of a practical and multidisciplinary form, aiming at transmitting professional values and techniques that complement the legal formation and must seek the development of capacities and competences capable of providing efficiency and legitimacy in the judicial proceedings. Judicial training, therefore, is paramount in order for magistrates to be able to perform their tasks properly and to understand the human and social realities with which the justice system interacts.




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Lazzari, J. B. (2019). For an Effective Training of Magistrates. University of Bologna Law Review, 4(1), 206–228.



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