Magistrates Training: Why to Crave for More Creative Cities and Judges?

Gilson Jacobsen, João Batista Lazzari


This study seeks to identify the contemporary challenges of the judiciary and the need for training of judges focused on skills aimed at resolving these adversities. To demonstrate this approach, it points out the importance of judicial creativity in face of the disorderly urban development with the exclusion of the poorest people.  The  study concludes  that  the  Magistrate's  Judicial  Schools  for  Training  and  Improvement  have the  role  of  establishing  training  activities  that  combine  legal  techniques  with knowledge of management, socioeconomics and creativity.  The paper also  encourages socio-judiciary research programs and exchanges with universities, so that judges are encouraged  to  enroll  in  Master  and  Doctoral  courses,  and  possibly attend a  second graduation.


Magistracy; Formation; Competencies; Creativity; Urban Development

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2531-6133/8467


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