Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Opportunities and States’ Fragility or Failure: Colombia and DR Congo

Alberto Jiménez-Piernas García


The recurring allegations of human rights violations directly or indirectly caused by the activities of MNEs pose many challenges and particularly affect developing States in contexts of fragility and conflict. In such situations, transnational corporate structures, limited liability veils, fragmented jurisdictions and unwilling or unable States are overwhelmingly quoted as the main obstacles for a fairer globalization. This article is aimed at shedding some light on the last of these factors:  why some States seem to be unable or unwilling to protect human rights, in general terms and with regard to transnational corporate activities. A proper and pertinent Corporate Social Responsibility can help break this vicious circle, but companies need a paradigm shift to reasonably operate in those difficult circumstances.


Corporate Social Responsibility; Fragile and Failed States; Sustainable Development Goals; Colombia; Democratic Republic of Congo

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2531-6133/9420


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